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Unparalleled Excellence in Travel

Why Travel With Fair Trade Safaris?



S.A.F.E. stands for: Security, Affordability, Flexibility, Experiences. As the Founder of Fair Trade Safaris, these are the 4 promises and commitments that I personally make to each of our guests:


Our guests’ safety, well-being, and comfort are paramount and not up for negotiation! Fair Trade Safaris will not create or curate a tour, trip, or travel package for our guests that I (as the founder of Fair Trade Safaris) would not personally go on with my own family – including my children.



We do not add heavy mark-ups to our guests’ pricing. Typically, the price of our travel package will be lower than the price of similar packages offered elsewhere and without exception, our rates will be more competitive than the price offered by a travel company that provides the quality, standards, and experiences that we promise.



Fair Trade Safaris will work hardest to accommodate any requirements and preferences that our guests have. If needed, I will personally step in and exhaust every measure available in order to enable our guests to have the most incredible and memorable experiences in Africa – and within the guests’ budgets.



Throughout the entire trip, Fair Trade Safaris delivers the most personalized service and the highest-quality experiences. Also, Fair Trade Safaris will only recommend to our guests those excursions, destinations, and properties that we have personally visited and experienced…and that meet our stringent criteria and high standards.


The three core principles in our mission are:

  1. The betterment of communities.
  2. Conservation of wildlife and protection of natural resources in Africa.
  3. The most luxurious, affordable and safe trips for our guests

Fair Trade Safaris founder Saurabh Khetrapal – who is originally from East Africa (Tanzania & Kenya) – is a philanthropist at his core. His passion for Africa, conservation, and culture motivated him to create the only luxury travel company that donates 100% of its profits to a variety of fully vetted wildlife conservations, community development, and social impact projects.

Fair Trade Safaris is a luxury travel company with a keen focus on providing guests with extraordinary experiences at remarkably affordable prices – breathtaking wildlife safaris, stunning beach vacations, exhilarating mountain climbing expeditions, sublime culinary experiences, and relaxing retreats.

Saurabh Khetrapal

Chief Smiles Officer

Fair Trade Safaris is the culmination of Saurabh Khetrapal’s life’s work. Raised in East Africa (Tanzania and Kenya,) Saurabh developed a keen appreciation for East African culture and learned to thrive as a multi-cultural individual.

After spending his early childhood and adolescence in East Africa, Saurabh moved to the United States in 1990. Given his business acumen and driven personality, Saurabh has become a highly successful serial entrepreneur and angel investor in Silicon Valley, as well as a prolific philanthropist and traveler across the African continent.

Ayaan & Zoya

Chief Bushbabies

Ayaan and Zoya – collectively known as the “Bushbabies” – have been going to Africa on Safaris, beach holidays, as well as cultural & philanthropic excursions since they were 2 years old. Like their Papa (Saurabh) the Bushbabies love all types of animals; but Ayaan’s favorite sightings while on safari game drives are mongoose and leopard. Zoya goes nuts whenever she sees zebras and giraffes; and given the ubiquity of these two species, it is not uncommon for her to be wide-eyed and animated on every single safari game drive!

In terms of philanthropy and social impact, both Bushbabies are particularly passionate about the health, well-being, and education of young children in Africa and all over the world. They frequently accompany their Papa during his participation in wildlife conservation projects as well as community development initiatives. Their passion led to them to develop Wildlife Superheroes.

Ali & Nahid Khataw

Chief Photo-Philanthropy Officers

Ali can be described as an entrepreneur, business and community leader, CEO, traveler, adventurer, humanitarian, photographer, and photo-philanthropist. He has an energy and love for life and is passionate in his career, family life, and his love for photography and traveling. In 1990, Ali founded Encotech Engineering Consultants. Parallel to his dedication to leading a successful engineering firm, he documents his experiences and interests through photography during his travels. Ali is the Fair Trade Safaris “Chief Photo-Philanthropy Officer”.

Nahid, his wife, is the President of Accurate CAD & Technical Services. In addition to running a successful business, Nahid is engaged with numerous non-profit organizations in the Greater Austin community, holding a variety of board positions. Nahid has a big heart and loves to serve others. She will welcome you with a big smile and is always willing to help in any way she can.

Carol Snell

Chief Memory Maker

My Life’s Passion? Creating Memories – Big & Small.

Carol Snell is a partner, ambassador and spokesperson for Fair Trade Safaris’ innovative luxury travel model – one that combines authentic African experiences with philanthropy. There isn’t a more apt title for Carol than “Chief Memory Maker”.

Based in the San Francisco Bay area, Carol is building and growing FTS primarily along the West Coast; but she’s so excited about the concept that she says, “I can’t help exuding enthusiasm about FTS to anyone that gets in my path!”

Natasha Campbell-Cross


Born and raised in Cape Town, South Africa, Natasha has a true passion for Africa and its people and returns to the continent on a regular basis. Before joining the Fair Trade Safaris team her interest in languages and cultures led to career opportunities in Germany, France, and the U.S, where she focuses her professional time working on Marketing initiatives for socially conscious clients. Her personal time is all about travel, music, food and photography. Like many in the FTS team, Natasha has extensive photography experience, with degrees in Photographic Technology and Communication. Whether at home or on a trip, she is never without her camera.

Courtney Thier


Courtney is a passionate and driven individual who strives to live her life through impactful experiences. Her heart is in the work of sustainable development, aiming to create a positive impact on today’s environment both large and small. Courtney currently works for Curb, an advanced stage startup in Austin, Texas focused on energy efficiency. Traveling to South Africa in 2017 left a big imprint on Courtney’s heart, and she is excited to help Fair Trade Safari in bringing this experience to others.

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