There is NOTHING generic, mundane, or unimaginative about our journeys.

* Countries pricing is based on a group of 4 guests traveling together, and with each guest sharing accommodations with one other guest (i.e. double occupancy). Also, the cost per person will vary depending on the season/month of travel – for example, pricing will be higher during dates between Christmas Eve & New Year’s Day, as well as during other peak travel times. Prices subject to change.

Begin your journey with wildlife photography safaris in 4×4 jeeps or specially outfitted minivans (our exclusive tours get up close and personal with “The Big Five.”) Dust off and add a wine and culinary tour or a refreshing beach holiday. Mix it up a little and you can embark on a walking, boat or canoe safari. Kick those heels and mount yourself on a rare treat of experiencing safari on horse-back. You may have an inner voice calling for more thrills, and you may desire to venture into the mystery of the African rainforest to track an endangered family of mountain gorillas, getting up close and personal enough to see human-like intelligence in their eyes. If you find aerial view photographs stunning, why not experience the beauty of a hot air balloon safari in the Serengeti?

Whatever your heart desires, Africa holds it. And Fair Trade Safaris is dedicated to making your experience of Africa’s beauty and wonders breathtakingly memorable. Each of the destinations that we specialize in has its own unique and inspiring activities, journeys, and adventures.

Fair Trade Safaris donates 100% of its profits to a variety of fully-vetted wildlife conservation, community development, and social impact projects.

Fair Trade Safaris’ travel experts and consultants are based both in the U.S. and Africa. We possess a deep and personal knowledge of all facets of wildlife photography safaris, cultural excursions, adventure travel, family holidays, and couples / honeymoon trips at price points ranging from the Affordable Classic Luxury to the Opulent Ultra Luxury.

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