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Measurable Impact Through

Sustainable Tourism


To date, Fair Trade Safaris’ contributions combined with our guests’ matching donations have generated over $2 million raised for our Conservation and Philanthropy partners.

And, you can be a part of it. Share your passion and talents with a cherished cause.

Get involved.

Sample local cuisine. Participate in a traditional tribal ceremony, complete with music and dance. Form an indelible connection with local tribes and ethnic people of Africa. Find joy. All it takes is a few hours, or perhaps a full day, but the impact is profound and long-lasting.

Wildlife Conservation

It is no secret that the wildlife in Africa is under tremendous pressure; many species are alarmingly at the brink of extinction. So, Fair Trade Safaris collaborates with several conservation / anti-poaching organizations including WildAid, Global Wildlife Conservation, PAMS Foundation, KopeLion, and other similar groups in order to combat wildlife poaching and trafficking and to promote conservation and protection efforts.

Philanthropic Impact

On the Community Development front, we partner with a whole range of organizations – including large established groups such as SOS Children’s Village, Rotary International, and Goodwill of Central Texas, as well as smaller (but extremely impactful) initiatives such as Uthando (South Africa), Baphumelele Children’s Home (Cape Town, South Africa), Ibuka Dance Foundation (Arusha, Tanzania), E3 Alliance (Austin, Texas), Interfaith Action of Central Texas (Central Texas), The Paramount Theater (Austin, Texas), Andy Roddick Foundation (Texas), TKC (The Kindness Campaign, Austin, Texas), Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (Niarobi, Kenya) and others. Simply by visiting Africa with Fair Trade Safaris, you – i.e. our guests – can and will make a TREMENDOUS contribution to conserving our wildlife and to improve our communities in Africa and in the U.S.

It is truly a win-win proposition. You go on a unique African safari adventure. You experience some truly heartwarming projects. You give back in a meaningful financial way. You support jobs and make a tangible impact on poverty alleviation in Africa.  

Shoot animals with a camera – not a gun!

Right up front, let’s make one thing clear…Fair Trade Safaris does not disapprove of all forms of hunting. Clearly, for some communities, hunting is a means of survival. Several indigenous African tribes hunt animals for food and for other items that they need – without jeopardizing the survival of the species being hunted. And we do not have an issue with that kind of hunting. What Fair Trade Safaris vehemently opposes is trophy-hunting – particularly when the wildlife species being killed is endangered and/or vulnerable. Putting the moral arguments aside, hunting vulnerable and endangered species is simply short-sighted and self-destructive. Humans need the full diversity of flora and fauna in order to exist; and extinction of a species has consequences that are detrimental to our own survival and well-being.

So, we leverage our Sustainable Travel programs and partnerships to support wildlife conservation, habitat preservation, and environmental protection efforts throughout Eastern and Southern Africa.

Fair Trade Safaris’ travel experts and consultants are based both in the U.S. and Africa. We possess a deep and personal knowledge of all facets of wildlife photography safaris, cultural excursions, adventure travel, family holidays, and couples / honeymoon trips at price points ranging from the Affordable Classic Luxury to the Opulent Ultra Luxury.

I was amazed how they take care of protecting the animals, park, and natural resources. Dayna Wagner
Fair Trade Safaris were extremely attentive and had every logistic perfectly planned. Our guides were eagle-eyed in spotting animals and super knowledgeable about them. We loved the variety of lodges. Each one is a completely different experience. I highly recommend this travel company. Dayna Blazey
I traveled with Fair Trade Safaris on a small group photo safari to Tanzania, Africa. The travel hosts and wildlife guides were extremely knowledgeable and very personable to travel with--a great combination. We encountered the “Big 5” including lions, leopards, cheetahs, elephants, hippos, and rhinos. One stop in our journey was to an orphanage in Arusha, which we learned, was one of Fair Trade Safaris philanthropic projects. The trip far exceeded my expectations. I would definitely travel with this company again. S Wagner
Trip to Tanzania was fantastic!!!! The locals were amazing and the animals beautiful. Fair Trade did a wonderful job with the planning of events and places to stay. I will be using Fair Trade in the future!!! Derrell Anglyn, III
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