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Why Are We Called Fair Trade Safaris?

Why Are We Called Fair Trade Safaris?

We believe that we can make a better world by sharing unbelievable experiences and knowledge, as well as giving back to the local communities. This is why we believe in our three core principles that we have made into our mission. These are…

  1. The betterment of communities.
  2. Conservation of wildlife and protection of natural resources in Africa.
  3. The most luxurious, affordable, and safe trips for our guests

Fair Trade Safaris founder Saurabh Khetrapal – who is originally from East Africa (Tanzania & Kenya) – is a philanthropist at his core. His passion for Africa, conservation, and culture motivated him to create the only luxury travel company that donates 100% of its profits to a variety of fully vetted wildlife conservations, community development, and social impact projects. To date, Fair Trade Safaris’ contributions combined with our guests’ matching donations have generated over $1 million raised for our Conservation and Philanthropy partners.

Fair Trade Safaris is a luxury travel company with a keen focus on providing guests with extraordinary experiences at remarkably affordable prices – breathtaking wildlife safaris, stunning beach vacations, exhilarating mountain climbing expeditions, sublime culinary experiences, and relaxing retreats for the whole family.

Sample local cuisine. Participate in a traditional tribal ceremony, complete with music and dance. Form an indelible connection with local tribes and ethnic people of Africa. Find joy. All it takes is a few hours, or perhaps a full day, but the impact is profound and long-lasting.

It is no secret that the wildlife in Africa is under tremendous pressure; many species are alarmingly at the brink of extinction. So, Fair Trade Safaris collaborates with several conservation / anti-poaching organizations including WildAid, Global Wildlife Conservation, PAMS Foundation, KopeLion, and other similar groups in order to combat wildlife poaching and trafficking and to promote conservation and protection efforts.

When it comes to our staff and the local community, we ensure everything is above board by ensuring to use only sustainable practices and ensure we follow Fair Wage practices. Looking after our today to ensure we have a better future.

The founders/owners of Fair Trade Safaris have over 35 years of experience in photographic safaris, cultural trips, and philanthropy & wildlife conservation-based activities in Africa. We would love to use our experience and knowledge to plan your African adventure!

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