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We are excited to share the impactful work with our partners and collaborators, The Kindness Campaign and Ali & Nahid Khataw. Recently we partnered with The Kindness Campaign (TKC) and the successful Art of Kindness Gala, where we donated a 7-day safari experience to support TKC’s mission of teaching emotional health skills. We are also excited about our ongoing collaboration with Ali & Nahid Khataw. Ali’s passion for photo philanthropy and his commitment to making a difference through artistry is truly inspiring. Through collaborations with non-profit organizations and charities, Ali utilizes the power of photography to improve the lives of those less fortunate. Together, we are dedicated to promoting kindness, giving back to local communities, and creating transformative experiences. Join us as we delve deeper into these stories of impact and the power of philanthropy.

The Kindness Campaign

We are thrilled to announce our recent partnership with The Kindness Campaign (TKC) and the success of the Art of Kindness Gala. Fair Trade Safaris generously donated a 7-day safari experience to this remarkable event, which aimed to raise funds to support TKC’s incredible mission. The gala was an unforgettable evening celebration that united sponsors and their guests in a spirit of generosity and kindness. Attendees were treated to captivating live entertainment, an exciting auction, and inspiring stories that highlighted the profound impact of kindness in our communities.

By donating the 7-day safari experience, we not only raised funds for TKC but also created awareness about their incredible work. We are proud to have played a part in supporting their efforts to teach essential emotional health skills and empower individuals from an early age.

Ali and Nahid Khataw

Ali & Nahid Khataw

Ali Khataw is a passionate advocate of photo philanthropy, using his artistry to make a meaningful impact in the lives of others. With a strong desire to help those less fortunate and a belief in the power of images, Ali has immersed himself in the world of Photo Philanthropy. Recognizing the undeniable power of photography, he seeks to leverage it to improve living conditions for individuals worldwide who do not have access to the luxuries many of us take for granted. Through collaborations with non-profit organizations and charities, Ali donates all profits from his photography to benefit those in need within our communities. He views the camera as more than just a tool; it is a means to delve deeper into a place, to seek out unique features and scenic beauty, and to foster connections with the surroundings and its people. Ali’s lifelong pursuit of originality and excellence fuels his continuous efforts to create impactful and inspiring imagery.

Ali and Saurabh crossed paths at the Faces of Humanity event. It was during this encounter that Saurabh inquired about Ali’s level of commitment to these passions, to which Ali replied that he was indeed very serious about both photography and philanthropy.

In their collaborative efforts, Ali and Saurabh have already worked together on five trips, each one proving to be a valuable experience. As we look forward, Ali has an upcoming August trip that will mark their sixth collaboration. These trips consist of 10 individuals traveling to Tanzania, while another group of 10 will explore Kenya. These immersive experiences will not only provide an opportunity to explore these beautiful destinations but will also include photography workshops to enhance participants’ skills and creativity.

During these workshops, Ali will emphasize the three essential elements of photography:

  1. He will delve into the concept of how to see artistically, highlighting that it’s not solely about the gear but rather the unique perspective and interpretation one brings to their work.
  2. He will discuss the art of storytelling through photography, emphasizing the importance of capturing moments that convey meaningful narratives.
  3. They will focus on the technical aspects of composition, light, and timing, teaching participants how to master these elements to create visually striking images.

In addition to the workshops, in the evenings will also provide an opportunity for post-processing sessions. This will allow participants to refine their photographs and explore various editing techniques to bring out the best in their captured moments.

We are excited to have Ali’s expertise and passion on board for these upcoming trips. His dedication to photography and philanthropy is evident, and we are confident that their workshops will provide invaluable insights and skills to all participants.

When it comes to exceptional service and genuine care, Nahid stands out as an absolute gem. Going above and beyond what is expected, Nahid’s dedication to ensuring your African adventure is unforgettable is truly remarkable. From the moment you set foot on African soil, Nahid takes it upon herself to be your guardian angel, guiding you every step of the way with a heart that beats for others.

But what truly sets Nahid apart is her remarkable ability to build bridges – not just physical ones, but emotional bridges that connect you with the soul of Africa. She understands that a safari is not merely about observing wildlife; it’s about forging a deep, personal connection with the land, its people, and their stories. Her genuine warmth and compassion create a safe space for you to truly embrace the magic of Africa.

In addition to their shared passion for photography and philanthropy, Ali and Fair Trade Safaris are deeply committed to giving back to the communities they visit during their collaborative trips. We firmly believe in supporting wildlife conservation and local communities, such as orphanages, to make a positive impact. Our goal is to uplift and empower these communities, providing them with essential resources and opportunities for growth and development. 

Ali and Saurabh demonstrate their commitment to responsible and sustainable travel by incorporating these philanthropic efforts into their trips. They believe that travel can be a transformative experience for the individuals participating and the communities they visit.

Embark on a journey that transcends ordinary travel and immerse yourself in an experience that leaves a lasting impact. By choosing Fair Trade Safaris, you not only embark on an extraordinary safari adventure but also become an integral part of the community impact we strive to create. Our collaboration with local communities, wildlife conservation efforts, and philanthropic initiatives ensure that your journey goes beyond witnessing the beauty of Africa—it becomes an opportunity to actively contribute to the well-being of its people and wildlife.

So, join us on a journey that combines breathtaking landscapes, captivating wildlife encounters, and the profound joy of making a positive impact. Choose Fair Trade Safaris, where your safari adventure becomes a transformative experience that creates ripples of change in the communities you visit. Explore Africa with purpose, and together, let’s make a difference.
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