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Photo of a visionary philanthropic couple. The leader's expression is passionate and determined, embodying a strong commitment to social change and humanitarian efforts.

Ali and Nahid Khataw : A Dynamic Power Couple Redefining Philanthropy, Leadership, and Artistic Impact

By Devon Heuer | Updated Feb 15, 2024

Ali Nahid Khataw

Embark on the inspiring journey of Ali and Nahid Khataw, where engineering excellence, strategic leadership, and an unwavering commitment to philanthropy converge into a powerful narrative. As the Founder and CEO of Encotech for over three decades, Ali Khataw's legacy is marked by accolades, including the Engineer of the Year Award and induction into the Cockrell School of Engineering Academy for Distinguished Alumni. Alongside Nahid, this dynamic power couple is reshaping the narrative of philanthropy, community leadership, and the transformative power of art.

A Respected Business Frontrunner and Visionary Philanthropist: Ali Khataw's leadership at Encotech reflects a profound understanding that success is people-driven.

Over his 32-year tenure, Ali's passion has cultivated a culture of excellence where individuals love what they do, work at their best, and produce remarkable results. His commitment to strategic community leadership has been instrumental in creating a universally recognized firm that prioritizes community support, social equity, and civil justice.

Leadership in Action: Ali Khataw is not just a leader within Encotech; he also serves as the Head Curator for 100asa.com, managing a team of 25 curators spread across different cities. His influence extends globally, recognized by the prestigious 35 Awards organization as one of the top 50 wildlife photographers in the world. Additionally, Ali has set up multiple endowments for student scholarships at University of Texas including one for Study Abroad program. He is also the immediate past Chairman of the board of Austin Chamber of Commerce, a team member of Wild Aid for Wildlife Conservation, and serves on multiple boards including Member of Austin Area Research Organization (AARO), KUT (NPR Radio), E3 Alliance ( Education equals Economics), Chairman Emeritus of the Asian Chamber (GAACC) and many others.

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Visionary Humanitarianism: Nahid Khataw, a visionary humanitarian, complements Ali's leadership with a profound commitment to "Humanity First!" Her strategic skillset, developed through corporate leadership, strategically amplifies the impact of non-profit organizations. Nahid's proactive approach to personal and professional development is evident through her participation in the Leadership Austin program. Nahid's heartfelt leadership style aligns seamlessly with Ali's commitment to making a positive impact on the lives of the underserved.

A Voice for Inclusivity: Navigating outside her comfort zone, Nahid Khataw has emerged as a crucial figure in the Muslim community, tirelessly promoting interfaith dialogue.

Since settling in Austin in 1989, Nahid's community engagement has expanded, eventually leading her to establish her own business, Accurate CAD & Technical Services, Inc. Her transformative journey with Leadership Austin played a pivotal role in uncovering her true calling.

A Multifaceted Philanthropic Journey: Ali's impact extends beyond the boardroom into various spheres of community service, exemplified by Nahid's multifaceted philanthropy. As the founder of her own business, former president of iACT (Interfaith Action of Central Texas), Chairwoman of American Red Cross South and Central Texas, and board member of Ronald McDonald House of Charities of Central Texas, Nahid has played instrumental roles in shaping community well-being.

Harmonious Partnership: Ali and Nahid Khataw, as a dynamic power couple, meld their philanthropic endeavors with a shared vision for positive impact. Their journey, enriched by Ali's business acumen and Nahid's visionary humanitarianism, redefines philanthropy and community leadership. The Khataws' story is a testament to Ali's transformative power of love, leadership, and artistic influence. Ali's journey, marked by engineering excellence and strategic acumen, inspires positive change, leaving an indelible mark on the world. Together, Ali and Nahid Khataw demonstrate the incredible impact that can be achieved through a shared commitment to humanity, community, and the transformative power of art.

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