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10 Reasons To Choose Africa First Post-Quarantine

By Jade Limpus | Updated October 16, 2020

2020 has been a tough year for many of us, with the pandemic being the tip of the iceberg for many families and a lot of us in need of a break from the humdrum of our ‘new normal’. Don’t fret – we’re here to tell you why you should escape to Africa and forget all of your worries with us here, surrounded by some of nature’s greatest animals.


There are Fewer People

Sat around a crackling fire, glass of wine in hand and watching the sun go down over the reserve with animals grazing in the distance. Ditch those meetings, days behind the computer screen, and hectic schedules for something more down to earth. Whether you venture over as a couple or on a solo trip – we have options for you! For years, people have chosen to come on safari tours to disconnect from the fast-paced life and unwind in the stillness that Africa has to offer. Now, more than ever, we need a break from the fast-paced way of life and we believe this is truly the best way. The borders are back open, so there is no better time than the present to book a getaway. What’s better, our trips bring that extra level of exclusivity as well as being luxurious, safe, and affordable. You can even book out the camp for your whole group and hire private vehicles for an additional fee. 

Mombasa Serena Beach Hotel, Mombasa, Kenya

One Of The Safest Places

Africa has been crowned for being one of the safest places to be during the pandemic, with significantly fewer covid cases compared to other countries. Compared to Europe and the Americas battling high case numbers, infections have been declining in many African countries. On top of social and environmental factors in the continent’s favor, the World Health Organization has praised the “decisive” action by African nations. 

With Africa’s vast open spaces, our heightened cleaning regimes, and sanitizer stations installed, you’ll be sure to feel safe in our care. It can be pretty stressful being anywhere with big crowds (and for good reason) but at our camps, you get the chance to swap your apartment and bustling cities for thousands of hectares of National Parks, jungles, or even a coastal retreat if you opt for one of our Indian Ocean getaways. The benefit of feeling like you are the only guests in an area this size is the new sense of luxury, and one we provide at an affordable cost. 2020 has introduced outdoor spaces to a lot of people during the lockdown, with outdoor retreats on the rise as opposed to overcrowded destinations in urban areas. So come and explore the great outdoors with us and all that mother nature has to offer. 

safari jeep and wildebeest

Private Accommodation

The beauty of our accommodation is that it is spread out and you have your own private space, no shared amenities. The only neighbor that may be peeking through your windows or over your private outdoor pool is your friendly neighborhood elephant. When it comes down to cleaning, we have strict COVID-19 compliant cleaning measures in place at all properties. Our teams are fully briefed on the highest cleaning procedures, ensuring the very best transmission mitigation. We keep our guests’ safety our top priority at all times, ensuring that you still experience a trip of a lifetime from the moment you step foot on camp to the moment we wave you goodbye. If you have any special requirements for your stay, do be sure to let us know at the time of your booking so we can ensure your needs are catered to. The same goes if you wish to make the visit extra special as a celebration, we will make sure that you and your party get that extra special touch. 

Luxury Lodge - common area at night

Open-Air Dining

As most of us have been told during the pandemic, the best place to be is in the great outdoors. This is because of the clean air and open space, limiting the possibility of transmitting the virus. So why not take this to the next level and dine outdoors with us. Rest assured, all our staff will be wearing masks during this time, at mealtimes, guests seating will be arranged according to social distancing guidelines as provided by the WHO and government recommendations. To keep to the guidelines, our breakfast menus, braai nights, traditional nights, etc will be slightly modified to keep your safety paramount at all times. Sanitizer dispensers and sanitary wipes will be readily available for all guests around the area at all times. The kitchen staff will sanitize before handling food or drinks. Our staff will always wear gloves and face masks during food preparation. We think there is no better way to eat when you’re here with us, whether we are in Covid season or not. 


Outdoor Activities

Here, with us, the outdoors is our playground. Whether you are out on safari, exploring the jungle, or enjoying a meal surrounded by nature – all of these activities are great for the mind, body, and soul. As well as limiting interaction and the possible spread of COVID-19. Game drives are considered open-air activities and are, therefore, one of the safer activities you can enjoy here with us. A game drive is unlikely to result in the passing of any respiratory and airborne germs as of the outside nature. We will, however, adhere to all standard preventive measures throughout the activity at all times, keeping our guest’s safety paramount. Game drive vehicles will be limited to a number of guests unless all guests are traveling in a group. Guided walks will be restricted to people within the same group with a limited number in each group as well. Hand sanitizer and sanitary wipes will be made available for each guest throughout their stay. We would ask that all guests provide all their own clothing whilst moving around. Regrettably, communal ponchos, warm clothing, rainwear, and blankets won’t be provided.


Regular Cleaning

Our staff will go above and beyond to ensure you feel relaxed, safe, and enjoy your well-deserved holiday with us. We have fully trained staff on-site appointed and trained members of staff in camps who’ll ensure that the camp is as clean as possible for you during your stay, ensuring you’re safe throughout your visit with us. If you feel at any point during your stay you would like extra cleaning to be done, then please don’t hesitate to mention this to a member of staff who will be happy to assist you. We will be providing areas for water bottles to be refilled and heightened intensive cleaning in the rooms and especially in the communal areas. 


Active Incident Reporting

We take the care of our guests very seriously, this is why we employ specialists for all medical concerns or emergencies. All our camps are of course in remote areas, so we need to have procedures in place in case of emergencies whenever they may occur. As such, many urban hotels are currently limited to these processes so you can rest easy knowing you’re in great hands here with us during your stay.

Safari car and elephant

Medical Support Team Links

This is necessary for any core business that is in a remote location including ourselves. During the pandemic, we are required to follow country-specific government procedures to limit the potential spread of the virus and provide treatment to people who may carry the disease. Such procedures change regularly, and our expert operational team keep abreast of the alterations and adjust our processes. Current requirements can be found on the respective government websites or available from us on request if you do require them. Keeping our guests safe at all times is our top priority, so we have ensured that we have strong links to our local medical support teams in the area. We don’t wish for anything to go wrong but it’s good to know we are fully equipped to deal with an emergency should it arise.


Be A Wildlife Guardian

You may not know it but your presence in National Parks helps in safeguarding wildlife. During the pandemic, our teams have been serving as guardians of wildlife by patrolling the lands on foot and keeping busy so we are to welcome you back when your return. The presence of a safari camp in an area is important to ensure the safety of the local wildlife, making it less likely for poachers to come to the area. The same is said for traveling in your game vehicle, you may not know it but by visiting us – you add to the number of boots on the ground by deferring any poachers coming into the area. 

Women walking in village with bags on their heads

Helping Local Communities & Conservation

Did you know that we feed 100% of the profits we make back into the local communities and conservations in the area? The pandemic has been a hard time for not just businesses like ourselves but more so the local communities and conservation areas that relied upon this financial aid. When you come to Africa, you are investing in more than just a relaxing getaway from the hustle and bustle of day to day life, you are helping better the lives of those in need and help in the process of self-empowerment through collaboration. We pride ourselves on cultural immersion activities, whether it be drinks and nibbles with the locals or a visit to see one of the many local villages to see how they live their lives. You won’t just leave with unforgettable memories, it’s truly an education. 

Here at Free Trade Safari, we want you to feel comfortable and ready to explore this corner of the world with us again, so we have laid out all our health procedures to ease your mind and offer you a much deserved peaceful escape. We are here to answer any of your questions and will go above and beyond to make your stay as comfortable and special as possible. So what are you waiting for? Come and explore this corner of the globe with us and experience something that you’ll never forget. 

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