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A Mission Captured: Recognizing one of our own, Ali Khataw

By Heather Mahoney, updated June 28th, 2021.

After decades of success in the corporate world and nearly as long focusing on philanthropy, Fair Trade Safaris’ own Chief Photo-Philanthropy Officer, Ali Khataw’s extensive accolades are well-deserved – and we couldn’t be prouder.


A photo he captured and aptly coined ‘The Great Migration’ (pictured below) was designated as one of the top 100 images in the world by 35 Awards. Chosen out of 257 thousand photos; specifically, only one of six chosen in the wildlife category.

Great Migration
The Great Migration, captured by photographer Ali Khataw. Part of the 6th 35 Awards, reviewed by 123.4K members, out of 444K photos, in 173 countries and among 119.3M votes.

A leader of many trades, photography has not only become one of Khataw’s past times but rather his passion. Developed from his work in the world of engineering to the founding of his own firm, he has always known the key to success [for him and others] is people. “If people love what they do, and are celebrated for their efforts, amazing results will be achieved,” he said. “It is simple, by creating a positive culture, all things can thrive.”


Through an unwavering desire to make a difference in the lives of others Ali Khataw’s work is always mission-driven. From community support, social equity and civil justice, his contributions to not only his immediate community, but internationally speaks volumes to his character.

Ali Khataw

Through his own non-profit organizations and charities, and those he dedicates his time to, Khataw’s public service spans further than his generous monetary contributions. A leader among Fair Trade Safaris, both Ali and his wife (Nahid) lead groups of photographers & philanthropists on trips throughout Africa.

Passionate about wildlife and conservation, the couple leads safaris annually teaching point-and-shoot basics with a particular emphasis on the beauty through the lens. “The kind of equipment you have is not nearly as important as the importance of the subject you are trying to capture,” he says. “When you press the shutter release, you’re making a personal connection to the place and its people. My lifelong passion is to strive for originality and excellence, which is a continuous effort!”

Ali Khataw donates 100% of the profits generated from his photography to NGOs and non-profits dedicated to wildlife conservation, habitat preservation, and environmental protection efforts throughout Eastern and Southern Africa.


For more information on Ali Khataw, please visit or follow along via  Facebook.

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